How to Remove a Wasp Nest in the Wall

How to Remove a Wasp Nest in the Wall

Wasps can build their nests in some random places, however, certain wasps choose specific areas to build their colony. In many cases, wasps build a nest within the wall and siding of your home. This can create problems not only because there will be a swarm of wasps near your home, but they can also begin destroying the structure of the walls on your home. It’s important to take immediate action to remove these nests as soon as you discover one on your property. Keep reading to find out how you can remove a wasp nest from your wall.

Wasp Nest Discovery

Discovering a wasp nest, in some cases, is a simple task as these paper-looking nests are quite easily identified. While sometimes the nests can be found in areas that are plainly visible, a nest on the side of your walls might be more difficult to discover. If you notice a bunch of wasps on your property and fail to find the nest, it’s a good idea to bring in a professional exterminator to inspect your property to locate the nest and get rid of it. Yellow Jacket wasps are the most common type of nests that you will find hidden within a wall, and these pests can be one of the most dangerous to encounter. Once the nest becomes even slightly disturbed, these wasps will become violent and aggressive – attacking anyone in sight. At this point, it’s crucial to have a professional wasp removal take over and safely remove the nest and wasps from your property to prevent any further damage or threat to your home and family.

The Safe Removal

If you do happen to locate the nest on your own and discover that there is, in fact, a nest inside of your walls, it’s important to first figure out how the wasps are gaining entryway into the wall. Observe the wasps and the patterns of their flight to conclude where they are disappearing to and how they are getting in from the outside. This will give you a better idea of how to approach the situation and what will need to be done to ensure no excess wasps gain entrance into your home.

Here are some steps that can be taken to properly remove a wasp nest from the inside of your walls:

  • Safely locate the entryway in which the wasps are getting into the wall by observing their flight patterns.
  • Seal those entryways and exits with a caulk sealant to prevent more wasps from entering. This will also help ensure that the wasps do not easily get out of the wall and go on to create another nest or attack you and your family.
  • Use a lure trap in the area of the nest to attract the wasps away from the colony so that there are fewer wasps in the nest to treat the area.
  • Using a drill, create a small hole inside the wall near the location of the nest. This hole should only be big enough to fit the applicator inside for the pesticide.
  • Insert the pesticide and repeat as necessary to ensure the wasps are killed.
  • Once the wasps have been killed, locate the nest and make a plan to safely remove it from the wall. Take caution for any wasps that may have survived. Seal off the entryway to protect the wall from any future nests.

While there are ways to attempt a safe removal of a wasp nest from inside of your walls, it’s most recommended that you contact an experienced professional to provide a safe removal. This will ensure that the job is done accurately and every wasp is killed and removed from your property. A professional exterminator can also provide you with helpful tips for preventing future infestations. If you discover or suspect a wasp nest inside of your wall, these wasps can pose a serious threat as there is a big chance they could be of the Yellow Jacket species. Contact a professional wasp exterminator in Toronto to receive a safe and effective wasp nest treatment.