how carpenter bees build nest

How Carpenter Bees Build Their Nest

Carpenter bees build their nest by drilling into raw wood. The males do not do this or anything else for that matter. They mate with the females and then just buzz around. The females must build the tunnels and lay the eggs in chambers with bee bread and sealed off till they hatch. The females are also the only ones who can sting. They are very aggressive so don’t go near the nest without some protection like a beekeepers suit. 

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Carpenter bees appear to look like bumblebees but are not, they evolved to fool us. They are actually very shiny and black with a tuft of yellow fur around its thorax. They are pollinators and produce honey to feed their larva. They are a positive insect and help the ecosystem but they can be a nightmare when they are living in your house. They also help your garden and are the only pollinators of a number of plant species. So killing them is the last defense, if you can get rid of them without killing them you will be doing nature a big favor. 

If you have carpenter bees on your property then you will probably want to get rid of them before they chew through your whole house. It can be difficult but you can do it. There are many ways to get rid of them. You can find where they are building their nest and paint over it to seal up the holes. You can also spray insecticide in the holes. If that is too aggressive for you you can try drawing them away with a bee hotel. These wooden tiny houses can be hung from a tree and attract carpenter bees more than any other type of wood. It can be very effective and allow the bees to continue acting as pollinators. If you want to spray them or paint over them make sure you wait till it’s late at night when the bees are in their nests sleeping. And make sure to wear protection because the females will attack in a swarm if they are threatened. 

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