How to identify hornet's nest around you’re home

How to identify hornet’s nest around you’re home

Hornets, like wasps, are a huge annoyance and in the case of some hornets, they can be a dangerous threat to anyone living on the property. Hornets are aggressive. They are defensive of their nests and their bodies. If you swat at a hornet you better kill it because it will strike back with something far more painful than a light tap. Their sting is described as a red hot needle driven into your body. The pain lasts for days and if the stinger is not removed you could suffer more serious consequences. Hornets can sting more than once so it’s unlikely the stinger will come out but if you kill it while it stings you there is a good chance the stinger will remain in your skin and will need to be removed before the healing can start. 

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How to identify hornet's nest around you’re home

Hornets build nests of usually about ten thousand hornets. The great black hornet, for example, can either be solitary or in a large nest. If you have a large nest of great black hornets on your property then you need to get rid of them. How do you identify them and how do you tell the difference between a hornet’s nest and a wasps nest?

Hornets make their nests out of saliva and chewed wood pulp. When a nest os started by a queen it is just a small paper sack. But as she pays eggs the nest will grow larger and can reach up to 6 feet in width if the nest is not destroyed. Hornets make their nests in trees, on roof overhangs, in an eave, and behind the aluminum siding. If you have them there are a lot of places to check but there is also an easier way to find the nest. As the sun goes down the hornets will return to the nest to sleep. If you follow them you can find where they are nesting. If you find the nest you can kill it with a massive dose of insecticide. But be careful and wear protection and only kill the nest when its late at night and all the wasps are asleep. 

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