How to safely eliminate hornet's nest

How To Safely Eliminate Hornet’s Nest

Hornets are a serious threat to the people they are near. If hornets are making a nest near your house you should take action quickly before the nest gets too big to handle. Hornets are defensive and aggressive insects who can sting repeatedly without losing their stinger. They can attack in a swarm and cause grievous damage to a person or pet and if stung enough times the attack can be fatal. For this reason, hornets are treated as exclusive pests, and killing them is helpful to the ecosystem because they tend to hunt pollinators for food. 

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safely eliminate hornet's nest

Hornets’ nests are made of a paper-like material made of saliva and pulp. The hornets create a series of chambers like a honeycomb that is used for laying individual eggs. They seal the entryway and allow the larva to develop. The nest is started in the spring by the queen. She builds a small nest and starts laying eggs. As wasps are born the nest grows bigger and can reach enormous sizes. If you leave the nest for too long the cost of removing it could be in the thousands. The females are sterile when they are first born but later in the year in the fall the queen will produce several females who can mate and produce eggs, these new queens will mate with the males that are only produced at the end of the fall and will leave to find a warm place to hibernate through the winter. Come spring they will go and start their nests. This is a serious situation because if you leave hornets on your property over the winter, thinking they will all just die, you may find multiple nests developing on your property in the coming spring. If you have a nest, get rid of it right away. Waiting will just make it worse. 

You can kill a small hornet nest with grocery store insecticide. Two cans sprayed into the opening at once and emptied into the nest will kill all the hornets including the queen. The nest can then be removed and destroyed. But if the situation has gotten too serious you will need help.

If you are having issues with large nests like hornets, you can kill them with insecticide or call a professional like the technicians at Wasp Control. We are licensed trained and insured and can get rid of your wasp nest right away.