How to Control Yellow Jackets

How to Control Yellow Jackets

Control is an awkward word to use regarding wasps. Controlling them is not an option. Killing them, however, is. Wasps are not bees. You do not have to protect them, most are not pollinators and few offer much more to the ecosystem than killing off insects. So if you plan to trick the wasps into doing what you want you are mistaken.

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Yellowjacket wasps are very common in North America.They resemble the Africanized honey bee to trick predators into underestimating its abilities and its endless stinger. The life cycle is similar for most wasps. The queen of a large nest is the only one to survive the winter after building a nest over the spring-summer and autumn. In the winter the queen will find a warm place to hibernate and come the spring she will find a place to build a new nest or reoccupy the old one. She will make a small sack to sleep in and lay her eggs and then when the larva mature they will become female workers who will expand the nest. Over time the nest will grow and as it approaches the winter the queen will produce a series of female wasps that are capable of laying eggs and male wasps to mate with. The new queens leave the nest to hibernate as does the original queen and that is how wasp nests spread from year to year. It takes a long time but the situation can get very bad, very quickly. 

There are other wasps, non so threatening as the yellowjacket but just as interesting. The paper wasp evolved in Europe amidst the millions of books and fabrics being made while the mud dauber is common all over for its use of mud to make nests. There are many more kinds of wasps and they all have special qualities that make them different, but they all have one thing in common. They need to be exterminated. So don’t stand around, get some insecticide, and kill those things. Wasps may seem scary but they are one of the easiest insects to kill. A spray of soapy water is enough to kill them.

If you already have a nest in your house or on your property then you can get rid of it in several ways. The easiest way to get rid of it is by sneaking up on them at night when they are asleep and painting over their nests. This will trap them and suffocate them. If this sounds too brutal you can also try using an insecticide or installing something called a bee hotel which is a novelty house looking device filled with wood that is the bees favorite to burrow in. They would rather make a nest in that than your deck.