How To Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest

How To Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest

Once you discover a wasp nest on your property, you will most likely try your hardest to quickly and efficiently remove it before it gets worse. While there are many effective DIY methods for removal of wasp nests, they are not always safe and it could end badly if you go about it the wrong way. It’s always recommended that you seek a professional’s assistance with the removal, however, if you’re adamant about doing it on your own, at least take these tips into consideration before you tackle the job yourself.

What NOT to do

There are many ideas and sources for treatments of wasp nests floating around the internet, but with these aggressive creatures, it’s important that you use the proper methods for removal. These pests are very defensive of their home and will not think twice before sending a swarm of wasps from the colony to attack anyone or anything that tries to destroy it. Here’s what you should avoid doing when it comes to attempting removal on your own.

  • Burning the nest

Wasp nests are extremely flammable considering they are made mostly of papery substances. If you make an attempt to burn a wasp nest, you could potentially start a fire on your property and/or burn yourself in the process. In addition, the fire will not kill all of the wasps in the colony, creating an extremely aggressive group of remaining wasps ready to attack. Thus making this method not only ineffective but extremely dangerous as well.

  • Using water to flood the nest

Water is thought to be effective in flooding a nest and getting rid of the wasps, however, this could potentially cause more damage to your property. Depending on the location of the nest, you risk attaining water damage on parts of your home by using this flooding technique. Flooding the nest will also not kill the entire colony, again making it dangerous for you. The remainder of the living wasps will become highly agitated and violent, turning you into the victim of an aggressive attack from multiple stings by multiple wasps.

  • Using something to swat or hit the nest

This is a commonly used method for getting rid of wasp nests, but that doesn’t mean it’s effective or safe in any way. If you are close enough to swat at the nest, you’re close enough to be the victim of a wasp attack. By hitting and poking at the nest, you begin to annoy and agitate the colony of wasps living inside, turning them into full defense mode. This will cause them to come out of the nest and attack you with multiple stings. In severe cases, this can become fatal if you are allergic to their sting.

It may seem like some of these methods can be effective and quick for the removal of wasp nests, but there’s a lot of danger that can arise for yourself and your home. So, it’s best to leave these methods off your list.

What You Should Do

Now that you have a better idea of which methods you should avoid when treating a wasp infestation, it’s time for you to understand the importance of doing things the right way. While you may feel pressured into handling the removal of a wasp nest on your own, because of cost or convenience, it may not be as simple and effective as you think.

If you absolutely must handle the situation on your own, please keep these tips in mind when tackling the wasp infestation:

  • Always wear protective clothing that covers your entire body, including your face
  • Avoid using flashlights and other lanterns, and preferably attempt your removal at night time when the wasps are resting
  • Plan your strategy before you attack because the wasps will not give you any time to think before they attack
  • Be sure that there are no pets or children in the surrounding areas 
  • Always approach the nest slowly and quietly 
  • Use a garbage bag to cover the nest and tightly close in against where the nest is attached 
  • Quickly and safely detach the nest and seal the bag; getting rid of it far from the home in a tightly closed container

The absolute best and the safest way to eliminate a wasp nest is to contact a professional wasp removal Toronto expert. A trained professional will address the type of wasp and nest and remove it safely and efficiently. They have the expert knowledge and experience to work in tight spaces with protective clothing to prevent being severely hurt by the stings of multiple wasps. They can also use professional equipment and products that are proven to be more effective than DIY or over-the-counter treatment options.