How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Home

How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Home

Wasps can be an absolute nightmare around your home, especially if they have settled and built a nest. We’ve put together this selection of tips and tricks to ensure that you keep your surroundings wasp-free!

The most important tip we can give you is to keep all temptations indoors. In other words, do not leave food where wasps can find it. You will need to be particularly careful with protein-based foods, as a wasp’s diet is mainly built on these. During the colder months (starting early fall) wasps will also start craving sugar, so keep that in mind. One thing that home owners often forget about is the food they have for their pets; remember, wasps are not selective and will eat your pet’s food as well.

Always make sure that your garden and surroundings are clean. Having a summer barbecue? Fantastic! Just make sure that you clean up after the party is over, otherwise you will have unwanted guests. Seal all trash cans tightly and make sure your garbage bags are made of thicker material that will not rip easily.

Another interesting yet effective tip is to paint your porch ceiling a blue color. This will make wasps (and spiders) believe that it’s the sky. Strange, but true! Here’s hoping that this color fits your decor!

Our final tip is to mark your territory by hanging a brown paper bag from your porch ceiling. Wasps prefer moving into empty territory and will not attempt to make a nest where one already exists.

We hope you have found these tips on how to keep wasps away from your home useful. Ultimately, if you keep having problems with wasps then you will need to call in an exterminator. Once they rid your home of the pests you will need to ensure that you heed the advice we have given above; otherwise, you may need to add the exterminator to your speed dial!