Do wasps die in winter

Do Wasps Die in the Winter?

There are so many wasp species it isn’t even funny. They all act very differently from each other and they all have different life cycles. Having a wasp nest on your property is a very dangerous thing to have, it could be in the ground, in a tree, on your house, or even inside the walls. There could be a nest attached to your house right now in a secretive place away from view. 

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what happens to wasps in winter season


In order to tell if a wasp is going to die in the winter, or if it will hibernate, you must first identify what kind of wasp it is. There are thousands of species but let’s focus on just a couple for now. You can find more information on the internet about other wasp species.

Yellowjackets are a type of wasp that builds large nests of tens of thousands of wasps. The nest is first built by the queen who hibernated through the winter after abandoning her nest. As all the yellow jackets died upon the first frost she needs to find a nice place to sleep through the winter. Come spring the queen seeks out a new place for a nest or, if her old nest is still standing, she may return to it and start a fresh society of wasps. Generally, she will make a small nest around herself to lay eggs. When they are hatched and grown they will help her continue to build the nest until they die off in the winter. 

Paper wasps are quite different. Most paper wasps are essentially their own queen. When the winter comes the paper wasps, solitary wasps that do not really interact with other wasps of their species, will hibernate for the winter and build a new nest the next spring. 

That being said, if you have a wasp nest on your property you should definitely get rid of it. Its a danger to your family and they can cause damage to your home by building their nests in walls. So if you have a wasp nest you should either remove it yourself or call the professionals at Wasp Control. Our technicians are trained and licensed to take out wasps anywhere and everywhere. We will rid you of your wasp issue faster than you can imagine and with a 6-month warranty who could say no! Call us now to set an appointment.