Difference between paper wasps, yellow jackets and solitary wasps like mud daubers

Difference between paper wasps, yellow jackets and solitary wasps like mud daubers

Wasps come in all shapes and sizes. Some are social and some are loan wolves. But they all share some basic characteristics. They all make nests, they all can sting, though some are more likely to sting than others, and they are all a threat to your property. Well most of them. Paper wasps and mud daubers are rarely a serious threat and are not aggressive. They just want to build their nest and reproduce and eat all the bugs in your garden. 

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Difference between paper wasps, yellow jackets and solitary wasps like mud daubers-ib


Now paper wasps are fascinating, they build a nest that looks almost like a tiffany lamp. It hangs off a stem and opens like a flower made of beehive. The nest is made of chewed wood pulp and the eggs are laid in individual compartments. These wasps are not threatening unless you come near the nest and they are often solitary or in packs of no more than 3 or 4. If you have one on your property you can remove it with a large jar and a piece of card or metal. You put the jar over the nest at night while they are sleeping and then slide the flat piece of metal or board underneath, severing the stem. You can then carry it away from the house and leave it. They won’t come back and will likely not even know they were moved. 

Yellowjackets are not at all like their other wasp counterparts. They are highly aggressive, attack in swarms, and build large nests of tens of thousands of wasps. They are also able to remember human faces. So if you piss one off they will actually hunt you down and avoid other people to sting you and you alone. They are truly dangerous and a threat to you and your family and your pets. 

Mud daubers won’t attack you, ever. You can stomp on their nest and destroy their eggs and they will just fly over to a new location and start over. They are a huge benefit to any garden and are totally safe to have around, if you want them gone you can get rid of them with a sprinkle of insecticide dust on the area they are nesting in. It takes them out fast and easily. 

If you are having issues with large nests like yellowjackets, you can kill them with insecticide or call a professional like the technicians at Wasp Control. We are licensed trained and insured and can get rid of your wasp nest right away.