Can I relocate a wasp nest? 

Can I relocate a wasp nest? 

Wasp nests are varied and complex structures. Relocating them is possible figuratively but in practice often goes wrong. The easiest nest to relocates is a paper wasp nest that is not underground. If it is hanging off a tree or off you overhang then you can wait until nightfall and use a large jar and piece of board to capture and separate the nest from the surface. If you do it delicately you will not wake up the wasps.

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how can i relocate wasps nest


You can then carry it off to somewhere far from your home and set it down on the ground. Carefully remove the jar and leave quickly in the hopes the wasps don’t wake up and attack. For paper wasps, there are rarely more than a few and they are not the fastest fliers so fleeing is a smart choice. If the nest is larger then relocation is impossible. If it is in the ground, in a wall, in anything, soffits, siding, anywhere that isn’t a small easily accessible nest is something you cant just relocate. You will need to either kill it yourself or call a professional. A professional can kill it, remove and leave a powerful residual treatment that will kill any wasps that come to that area. If you want to do it yourself it is a little harder. A few sprays of soapy water can kill them in seconds and the nest can be killed in the same way. You can also burn the nest but do not do this if the nest is attached to or near wood as you could start a fire. You can also use insecticide. If the nest is large you need to go out at night and spray two cans into the entrance until they are empty. This will kill the nest and allow you to dispose of it. You can also call a professional who can remove it in a similar but commercial manor. 

You may not be able to relocate a nest but you can plan. Traps are an excellent way to do it and one of the best traps is a fake wasps nest. It’s plastic and hangs on a tree and is filled with poison that will kill the wasps when they try to nest and eat the poison. These are quite a job to put up and need to be on a high branch to attract the wasps. But the result is very much worth it if wasps are something that regularly plagues your property.