are yellowjackets and wasps different

Are Yellow Jackets and Wasps Different?

Yellowjackets are wasps. They are one of over 16 species of wasp in north America. They are among the more aggressive and dangerous wasps and evolved to mimic the African honey bee, aka the killer bee. This gives them protection from things that want to eat wasps but not bees. They usually create nests either in the ground or hanging from a tree, or the eaves or an overhang. They tend to make their nests high up.

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learn about differences between yellow jackets and wasps

The yellowjackets are also terrifying hunter. They can attack and destroy a bee hive in hours, killing every bee, eating every larva and slurping up every last drop of honey. Bees are defensible in the face of these wasps and for that reason they are considered a pest and any exterminator would be willing to kill them. 

If you have yellowjackets on your property you should probably be worried. They are highly territorial and aggressive and a danger to people who live on the property. They also have the ability to recognize and memorize human faces meaning if you make a wasp angry that wasp will look for you, they will willingly fly past other targets to sting you directly. So if you have a nest on your property you will have to destroy it and remove it. 

The reason for this is every winter all of the wasps in the nest dies and all that remains is the queen. The queen finds a warm place to hibernate for the winter and come spring she searches for a spot to make a nest. She may even return to the old one. She will build a small nest and lay her eggs, when the larva grow to full wasps they start adding to the nest. The queen, for most of the nests life span, only makes females. Males are only made when the new queens are born and need to mate. And when that is done all the other wasps die and the journey begins again. 

If you need to remove a yellowjacket nest then you can do it by waiting till its dark and late so all the wasps are asleep. Take two cans of insecticide and spray them at the same time into the opening of the nest. Don’t stop spraying until they are empty. That should kill it. If that seems to hard call Wasp Control. Our technicians are fully trained and licensed in wasp removal and can get rid of those wasps in no time at all.