How Do I keep Hornets away from my house?

How Do I Keep Hornets Away From My House?

Wondering how do I keep hornets away from my house? Well, to make your home, office, and yard hornets free requires enormous of work. You need to know more about hornets, which attracts hornets to your house and then how to keep hornets away from your house.

But the safest and most efficient means to keep get rid of hornet is by consulting a professional wasp removal Toronto company today.

What are Hornets?

Hornets are wasps belonging to the insect family (Vespidae family) with about 20 species of hornet in existence. There are at least 550 species of wasp in Canada of the 30,000 species in the world. Canada, however, has a total of three common species of hornets known as the European hornet, Asian giant and bald-faced hornets.

One of the scariest things about hornets is their venomous and painful sting. When a hornet nest is disturbed, a single hornet can mobilize an entire colony for an attack. The venom from a hornet’s sting can cause severe allergies and possibly death to the victim. Other less threatening reactions may include itching, swelling, shortness of breath or dizziness. Medical help should be sought immediately for any form of attack form wasps.

What Attract Hornets to My House?

When experiencing hornet infestation, it is expedient to know what is attracting hornets or other wasps to your house. This knowledge will help you prevent hornets from visiting in the future.


Hornets need a quiet, comfortable and sturdy base where they can fasten their nest. Ceiling, pipes, attic, and overhangs provide a good enough spot for hornets to build their nest. Just like humans, hornets look for an area that will offer protection to them. Most often, the queen hornet prefers indoor settings that offer more protection and security from the winter.

Food sources

Hornets feed on the sap of trees but also love sweets or sugary substances. This accounts for why they are found building their nests in rafters of houses, garages, and outside of buildings generally. One advantage of having them in residential areas is the fact that they help eat up insects that damage gardens and other plants. Notwithstanding, the danger they pose far overrides whatever advantage they possess for residents.

A place with plenty of insects, like flies and caterpillars, is a favourite spot for wasps. Once there is a good insect population in your environment particularly those with gardens, hornets are bound to settle in. Apart from insects, hornets enjoy sweets and protein-based foods like meat. Since the home is where more of these classes of food could be found, it becomes a favourite neighbourhood for hornet nesting. Plant nectars serve as food sources for hornets as well.

Bright garden decorations and bird feeders

Hornets in search of food usually mistake bright colours for edible foods. Bright lights and decorations will encourage hornets to nest. Bird feeders are also an attractive item for wasps.

Fragrance and sweet smells

Sweet-smelling fragrances particular those with flower base scent are bound to attract hornets. To keep hornets away from your house, leaving flower scent and other fragrance accessible to hornet is an open invitation.

How Do You Keep Hornets Away From Your House: 7 Methods

Keeping hornets away from the home involves a systematic process and not a one-off affair as most people think. These measures could be used to stop hornets from building an estate in your home.

Make your home less conducive for hornets

You need to have a regular, planned pest control treatment for your home. There should be no breeding space for any type of wasp or hornet in your home. Also, getting rid of other insects in your home can help keep hornet away since these insects serve as food. But remember, a successful pest control planning should be left for a professional wildlife removal company.

Dispose of Garbage Properly

Leftover food is a major attraction for hornets in your home. One of the ways I keep hornets away from my house is by using tight mesh wire to tie my garbage can. That way, rodents do not get to kick the can open for hornets to have a feast. Keep sweets, protein-based leftovers and other foods trashed properly. Also, fallen fruits from trees should be immediately removed.

Eliminate water sources

Wasps should be starved of water particularly during warmer seasons; this will help discourage them from coming into your yard. Hornets cannot survive for long without water. Fix all leaking pipes, taps, sink, and baths. Keep your pool area secure.

Remove bright garden decorations and bird feeders

Just as the food attracts the birds so does it attract hornets as well. Removing them will eliminate hornets looking for foods with such attractions. Hornets also presume that bright garden decorations are edible substances like a flower with nectar, so they come after them.

Destroy nest houses

If you still have an existing wasp nest even without a current colony, it is always best to remove the wasp nest to discourage or keep hornets away from your house. Wasps normally revisit a former nest to see if it is vacant. Speak with an expert pest control company on what to do.

Seal up cracks

Ensure that all possible entries for hornets to come in are covered up. During fall, seal up crevices and crack. Most of the workers would be dead with an inactive nest which could become useful during the spring or summer season.

Wasp traps

Natural remedy or Do-It-Yourself solutions or commercial wasp trap can come in handy to control the wasp population. Some bait allows wasp into the trap without an exit point so the wasps can die inside. However, they do not offer lasting solutions hence you need to speak with a wildlife removal company urgently.

How Do I Keep Hornets Away from My house?

My number one strategy is speaking with the professional wildlife removal company always. After they are done with getting rid of hornets or other wasps in my house I then follow the plan or advice. The expert pest control advice helps me keep hornets away from my house permanently. You too can take advantage of pest control experts services to remain wasp-free.