Safe and Natural Ways to Get Rid of Wasps

Safe and Natural Ways to Get Rid of Wasps

With the popularity of DIY methods on the rise for just about everything, of course individuals would love a natural DIY method to get rid of pests aggressive critters. While it’s always best to contact a professional wasp removal Toronto company to remove wasp nests from your property, sometimes it’s not always possible and sometime you may just want to attempt the situation on your own. It’s important to remember the health threats that wasps can pose with their dangerous stings, especially if you are allergic to them. So, always keep that in mind before ever attempting these natural ways for removing wasp nests from your property.

Safe and Natural Removal

There are quite a few natural and safe remedies for removing wasp nests and wasps from the outside of your home, however, you need to ensure the methods you use are truly safe for your health. Wasps are extremely aggressive and violent, so take caution when using these techniques.


Whether you choose to purchase a wasp trap or make one on your own, both can be an effective solution for your wasp infestation. These wasp traps are known to help reduce the number of wasps on your property. However, you have to make sure that you stay on top of the bait. Replacing the bait is an essential part of this natural method. Using a bait that is more savory in flavor is much more effective with treating wasps, whereas honeybees are likely to be attracted to sweet flavors. While these glass traps that you can purchase are decently effective and look nice, you can save some money by making one yourself with a plastic bottle. Make sure you are emptying the trap regularly and replacing the bait to keep the trap clean and attractive for the wasps you are looking to catch.

Natural Insecticide Spray

There are many reasons as to why you may be searching for a more natural approach for getting rid of wasps. The obvious reason may be that you don’t want unnatural and harmful chemicals around your family or your home, which is entirely understandable. There are many organic and natural wasp killers on the market that you may want to give a try if you’re having no luck with traps and other methods. These sprays can generally be used just as regular poisonous sprays are used, except they are much less toxic and harmful to your health as they tend to use strong oils and smells made of essential oils.

Fake-Out Nest

Wasps may be aggressive and territorial, but they’re not entirely smart. Since wasps will generally stay away from other wasp nests and only create nests in areas where there are nests already established. You can easily create a decoy nest with crumpled up paper or by purchasing a paper lantern in the color of a wasp nest. Place the decoy nest in an area where you would normally find a nest such as in a tree or on the side of your home. This will make the wasps think the territory is already taken and then leave the area.

Dish Soap and Water

No, you’re not getting ready to do a sink full of dishes. This natural method is a cheap and decently effective way to get rid of those pesky wasps surrounding your home. Prepare a mixture of soap inside of a water sprayer with an attachment for a hose and get ready to spray those wasps. Make sure the mixture is nice and sudsy before beginning to soak the wasps. As you spray the wasps, the soap gets stuck to their wings and will make it difficult for them to fly. Eventually, the wasps will end up suffocating and dying from this simple concoction. Take note that this method can get a bit dangerous as you are not likely to kill and suffocate every wasp in the colony. As the wasps are alarmed from the spray, they can get extremely violent and begin attacking. Use extra caution with this natural removal method.

With any of these methods, while somewhat effective and definitely natural, they can still be dangerous to perform on your own while dealing with aggressive wasps. It’s always best to have a professional come in and handle the situation safely to prevent any harm to you and your family, especially if there is an allergy in the family. Your local pest control company will be glad to assist you in the removal of wasps and nests from your property in an efficient and safe manner.