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Will A Dead Wasp Repel Other Wasps?

A common myth is leaving out a dead wasp will repel other wasps. Many professional consider this idea an old wives’ tale. Wasps do not show any changes in their behaviour when surrounded or interacting with dead members of their species, even from their own colony.

Be careful about killing or squishing wasps. These insects send out a pheromone signalling danger once they detect a threat. Rather than alert other members of the colony to run away, the pheromone instead attracts others to investigate the cause of the distress. Killing a wasp or wasps is a good way to attract and get attacked by a swarm if the nest is nearby.

Other Common Wasp Myths Dispelled

There are many myths such as these, ranging from the laughable to the outright dangerous. It is best to seek information from professionals or credible experts if attempting to get rid of a wasp nest yourself. The best course of action is to hire a professional exterminator to do the job and avoid interacting with wasps if you can help it. Additional myths that aren’t necessarily true are;

You are Allergic to Wasp Stings If You Are Allergic to Bee Stings

This is a very common misconception. Evidence suggests that most people are rarely allergic to both types of stings and instead are allergic to one or the other. It is also critical to differentiate allergic reactions to a normal reaction to getting stung. Bee and wasp stings will definitely cause a reaction such as itching and swelling which is normal. Signs of an allergic reaction include severe swelling on lips, face or throat, difficulty breathing such as gasping or wheezing and itching in areas that aren’t directly stung.

Artificial Nest Will Drive Away Wasps

There is a little truth to this claim but the chances of keeping wasps away by installing an artificial nest are extremely low. The true part of this myth is that many species of wasps are territorial and will shy away from building a nest in the vicinity of an existing nest. This strategy may work if you are dealing with territorial wasps and install the nest early before nest-building season. You may need to install multiple decoys for this tactic to be effective.

Some species such as the yellow jackets nest below ground so hanging artificial nests isn’t likely to help. Hanging an artificial nest next to an existing one also doesn’t work since these insects are very reluctant to relocate once they establish their home.

Baking Soda Counters Wasp Sting Symptoms

The fact is wasp stings contain alkaline compounds rather than acidic ones. Even if you were to apply an acidic compound to counteract the alkaline in the sting, the venom seeps into the tissue very quickly such that a topical application may not be effective. In any case, it’s not just the alkaline compounds that cause the sting to be painful. Even if you could counteract the alkaline, there are still additional compounds that cause the pain and which still need to be dealt with.

Wasps like Sweets

This is partially true and is a common belief since wasps tend to congregate on sweet things such as wine and sodas when invading the picnic table. It is late in the season when wasps enjoy sweet foods. Earlier in the season, wasps hunt for protein in the form of small insects and bugs. Wasps are actually very useful in keeping outdoor pest insects under control.

How to Remove a Wasp Nest

Some jobs are best left to professionals. Wasps are dangerous especially if you are allergic. Most DIY wasp nest removal ends in disaster mostly because of misinformation. Attempting to spray the nest with water or set to it on fire only agitates the wasps and can lead to serious injury. Hire a professional wasp nest removal service or exterminator in Toronto to take care of the problem. The expert is also advice on what you can do to prevent the wasps returning in future. Hire a professional who provides a warranty for the service.